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Manage your entire event from a single platform.

How would it be to sell your tickets, manage your app schedule, website schedule, printed schedule, and internal schedules all from one place? How about managing celebrity contracts, volunteers, special guests, panelists, exhibitors, and more all from a single platform? Welcome to GrowTix.

Secure, simple online ticketing.

Purchasing tickets is a breeze with GrowTix. Customers visit one fully responsive webpage and stay on it throughout the entire purchasing process. There is no redirecting to multiple pages or websites. We support the latest in ticketing technologies - Passbook Integration, MMS, Epic Photo Integration, & RFID Integration to name a few.

Manage your schedule from one place.

A simple single entry system for your panel, autograph, photo-op, web, private & public celebrity schedules that populates the web, your app, digital signage, & can be used to generate your printed program.

Celebrity & guest management system.

Manage guarantees throughout our comprehensive payout system, coordinate airport pickup & flight information, plan their transportation, and email it all over to them along wtih their schedule in a simple to use itinerary builder. Once they arrive - provide them with a PDF / Printed schedule for their private use.

Booth management and purchase portal.

Allow your vendors to select their own space, or allow them to select a booth type - its up to you. Vendor booth locations also show up within the app and on the web.

Staff / volunteer management & mobile app.

A native app for internal use so you can private message, or broadcast important information to your team. Manage schedules & allow your volunteers to accept & drop shifts - all within the app or on the web.

Convention attendee app.

We create an app for your show, complete with realtime schedules, celebrity & guest bios, ticket purchase, push notifications & more. Also gather sample data on attendee pathing in the venue.

“I decided 3 weeks before my event to switch to GrowTix, something nearly unheard of, but I needed QR code check-in capabilities because the volume of pre-sales was too high to run on Google Docs, our prior method. GrowTix came through for me in a huge way. They fully integrated our pre-sales from the other platform, and they sent people and iPads to assist our registration process. In the prior year with half as many tickets sold, we had 2 hour registration lines. With the technology GrowTix provides, we processed twice as many attendees with a maximum wait time of 20 minutes. I enthusiastically recommend GrowTix for managing ticketing and events.”

Sandy Martin, Co-Founder, GalaxyCon

“GrowTix provided us with an incredible ticketing & show management platform for Salt Lake Comic Convention. We could not have been as successful without the assistance of the GrowTix team, and we would have had an 'epic fail' rather than the most successful first year Comic Convention in North America.”

Dan Farr, Owner & Producer, Salt Lake Comic Convention

“In order for Indy PopCon to maintain its incredible growth, we needed an equally incredible convention management system.  Enter GrowTix.  We moved from maintaining multiple non-cohesive products to a single interconnected platform.  Additionally, even with our unique processes and requirements, we didn't have to sacrifice our ability to remain the country's fan-favorite popular culture convention.”

Carl Doninger, Indy PopCon

“Half way through promoting an event we made the decision to add GrowTix and change all of our membership fulfillment procedures. GrowTix came through for us in a big way and provided a start to finish system that worked. They even sent support staff and iPads to assist with our registration process. In the prior year we had 2 hour registration lines, this year it averaged 15 minutes. With the technology GrowTix provides, we were able to transition from multiple platforms to a single tracking system. GrowTix make and add the features we ask for. We use GrowTix for all of our events and would recommend them to any event promoter.”

Lee & Jen Palmer, Director of Operations, Square Egg Entertainment

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